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About Chudney from Virginia....
         Chudney Raks
                                 Professional Belly Dance Artist in Hampton Roads,Virginia
Chudney was born in Puerto Rico, and grew up between opposite worlds of Panama and Hampton Roads, Virginia. She began belly dancing as a way to relieve stress and has never looked back. Her odessey commenced at Body Works By Chandani in Virginia Beach. The amazing, womanly hips of Amina Shadeed mesmerized her with their fluidity that she continued on also studying with the talented and 
missed Chandani. She was asked to join the multi 
award winning Hippy Chicks Raks belly dance troupe 
in 2007. Hippy Chicks Raks had the honor of taking 
the stage with Master Percussionist Isaam Houshan
in January of 2008. That same year, Chudney along
side the members of Hippy Chicks Raks won the 
Jewel of the Nile, and placed 3rd at the East Coast
Classic Belly Dance Competitions in the Troupe 
Catergory. Shortly after Chudney became an valued
Beginner level instructor at Body Works By Chandani,
until they closed their doors in 2011. 
In  2010, they went on to win the Troupe
Category at the Viva la Diva Competition in Boston,
Massachusetts. Chudney placed 2nd in the Diva 
Rising Category. Her most recent achievements are 
placing 1st Runner up at Jewels of the Orient 
Festival in the Professional Oriental category and 
placing 1st Runner Up and People's Choice in the 
Junior Professional Starlette category at Rakstar in
Miami, Florida. She most recently was crowned East Coast
Classic Cabaret Professional Champion and People's Choice!
She currently recieves mentorship with the 
inspirational and graceful Kalaa in Virginia Beach.
Chudney has taken workshops with many instructors 
worldwide, including Turkey and  Egypt. She is a lifetime 
student therefore she continues to travel worldwide to 
her Oriental
dance studies.

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Photograph by Yasmina of Cairo at Giza Pyramids Egypt
Media GalleryContact-Chudney Links

"I fell in love with Belly Dance for its feminity, friendships, empowerment, beauty, and sparkle!"