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About Chudney from Virginia....
Chudney is an up-and-coming oriental dance artist who has competed and danced around the world. She began belly dancing after seeing pop artist, Shakira dancing in music videos and concerts, which led to her first class at Body Works By Chandani in Virginia Beach, where her first teacher Amina Shadeed showed her that her “hips don’t lie.” Since then, Chudney has embarked on a array of dance adventures taking dance intensives with top master instructors worldwide, competing, and performing in renown shows in Turkey, Egypt, Spain, Hungary, and Greece.

She is a lifetime student whom continuously travels around the 
world to further her Oriental dance studies. Her passion for dance
 and travel has shaped her into a fresh, authentic, and giving 
teacher. Her core dance training and foundation was and travel has 
shaped her into a fresh, authentic, and giving teacher. Her core 
dance training and foundation was shaped her into a fresh, authentic, 
and giving teacher. Her core dance training and foundation was solidified
 early on by respected dance mentors Chandani and Kalaa. Chudney has 
toured the US teaching her uniquely designed dynamic workshops to 
further enhance understanding of Arabic music and dance. Encouraged
 by her teachers and students, she opened her own belly dance school in 2017,
 Chudney Rak's Online, to give students easier access to her weekly in person 
classes, and share her unique personal style and technique on demand. 

Chudney joined her first troupe Hippy Chicks Raks after a year long affair with 
belly dance courses and she fell in love with the dynamics of group work and 
comradery. Her escapades with HCR inspired her to create and direct the
 performance group Raks Royale which features her passionate students and 
crowd pleasing, innovative choreographies. She is also a member of Hampton 
Roads premier belly dance collective Saleema Habiba. Chudney was selected 
in 2016 as part of the international cast of Virginia’s “Reflections” International 
Cast, which is now on tour. Most recently she was hand picked by Munique 
Neith to dance as part of the cast Ballet Internacional Munique Neith in 
Barcelona, Spain to perform at Egipto en Barcelona in 2018 and 2019.  

Chudney's passion, amazing talent and relentless drive for knowledge and 
growth in this art form has made her a favorite around the world. Her talents 
have not gone unnoticed and she will be featured in a soon to be released 
performance DVD by Aela Bandiana productions. She was also the featured
 guest artist of the debut Attack of the Belly Dancers Production in Atlanta, GA that was created 
to celebrate the diversity of dance. Chudney has competed in top competitions and won many accolades as a troupe member of Hippy Chicks Raks and as a professional soloist. She is most proud of being crowned East Coast Classic 2015Cabaret Professional Champion and People's Choice Winner in her hometown.​

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Photograph by Yasmina of Cairo at Giza Pyramids Egypt
PerformancesMedia GalleryContact-Chudney Links

"I fell in love with Belly Dance for its feminity, friendships, empowerment, beauty, and sparkle!"