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Chudney Raks' School of Belly Dance was designed for the passionate, mature dancer who is hard working and committed to their dance artistry and training. Chudney strives to encourage, nurture and celebrate diversity through belly dance while focusing on technique, musicality, and proper body positioning. 

Belly Dance Basics Series

Starting in June 2019
Where:  Seven Cities Dance Studio
Time: Wednesdays 7-8pm
Class Dates: 06/05, 06/12, 06/19, 06/26
Class: Belly Dance Basics Series 1 E  
Age: Age 16 and up
Cost: $45 4-week session/ $40 for students/ military
Experience- No previous Belly Dance Experience needed, Dance 
experience is preferred. (high school and college days count)

Belly Dance Basics Series 1 ABCDEF- The student will learn basic posture, history, 
hip lifts/drops, shoulder shimmy, touch step, grapevine, shimmy technique, 
snake arms, box step, hip undulations, shoulder rolls, 3 point turn, hip twists, 
and hip bumps. Combine the smooth and percussive movements of belly dance 
for a combination/short choreography any belly dance enthusiast can appreciate. 
1 hour in length (Open to all Levels)

Belly Dance Basics Series 2 GHIJKL- The student will revisit movement learned in Level I and expand. New movement will include chest lift/drop, maya, full body undulations, rak step, rib slides, and horizontal and vertical figure 8’s. Combine the smooth and percussive movements of belly dance for a combination/short choreography any belly dance enthusiast can appreciate. 1 hour in length (Prerequisite None Open to all levels)

Beginner Veil

Beginner Middle Eastern Rhythms

Intermediate/Advance Belly Dance  Hampton:

Intermediate to Advance belly dance combos, layering, drills, and choreography 
will be taught in this class. Challenge yourself and refine your posture, foot patterns, technique, and dance movement. Individual moves will be drilled and then put into short combinations to further delve into concepts of musicality. 1 hour in length (Prerequisite Prior Belly Dance experience with instructor permission, or 1 year of Mix Level Technique/or Beginner Series, and/or with instructor permission)

Thursdays in Hampton at Seven Cities Dance Studio

Combinations and Technique Series
New Session Start  06/06, 06/13, 06/20, 06/27
715-845pm $60 for all 4 classes  $20 drop in
Email to Register and instructor permission.

Private Lessons and Coaching available Online or in Person for $50/hr or $175 for 4 one hour sessions. Please email to schedule your lesson. *Special Discount for current students. 
          Seven Cities Dance Studio
        47 E. Queens Way Suite 202
                Hampton, Virginia
PerformancesMedia GalleryContact-Chudney Links

PerformancesMedia GalleryContact-Chudney Links

$45 4-Week Session
$40 Student/Military
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