Chudney Raks
                              Professional Belly Dance Artist in Hampton Roads, Virginia
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Media GalleryContact-Chudney Links

Upcoming Workshops/Sponsor Chudney...
**September 10 2016 Hampton, Virginia
Mini Workshop @ Seven Cities Dance

**September 29-October 1 2016 Miami, Florida
Rakstar Reflections Theater Production

**October 6-9 Ingram, Texas
Cabaret Dance Camp Workshop & Show

**October 22 2016 Hockessin, Delaware
Zahra Noor Presents Chudney for 2 Workshops

**October 29 2016 Toronto, Canada
Egyptian Dance Academy Presents 
Gala Show Randa Kamel & Mohammed Shahin

**November 5 2016 Richmond, Virginia
Hafla Featuring Victoria Teel

**January 20-22 2017 Hampton, Virginia
East Coast Classic Gala

**March 23-26 2017 Ocean City, Maryland
Art of the Belly Workshop & Gala Performance

Workshop Topics
Confident Combos: 
In this workshop, Chudney will guide you to think differently about your posture and gestures on stage that will engage your audience and have them wanting more. She will then show you how to add a pinch of pizazz to moves in your performance using a series of break downs and combinations. That’s right! We are going to put the attitude on the moves to give the appearance of a more confident you. By using these simple dance embellishments, the “confident” dancer in you will “sparkle” through.
Students will take away how to take a basic combination/move, and embellish it with “attitude” to create their own “confident” combos/and or moves to wow their audience, or to practice at home. Handout will be provided.

GTL of Belly Dance: Geometry, Turns, and Levels changes. 
This technique intensive class will explore unique shapes and pathways, with unexpected turns and levels changes, that often times takes the back burner when on stage, and in practice. Through a series of short combinations and drills, we will spark up those “key concepts” of creating shapes in your dance using floor pathways to create unique staging, body lines to add dimension, turns that travel “out of the box”, and level changes that add dimension and create dynamics in your dance.
Leave your audience wondering what you will do next…add GTL to your performance. At the end of this workshop, the student will be able to add new elements to their belly dance repertoire that will help them practice and perform more dynamically onstage through a series of drills and combinations. Handout will be provided.

Arms and Hair to Create Flair: 
Take your performance from drab to fab with sassy arm patterns, and wild flirty hair nuances. These techniques of using arms and hair as an extension of your body, will add an exciting new dimension to your dance.  
At the end of this combination and creative movement workshop, students will be able to seamlessly spice up there dance with unique arm patterns, and hair that that is not overdone! Handout will be provided.

5, 6, 7, 8, “AND”:
Did you know “And” is sometimes considered a number in dance? This transition between 8 and 1, can single out the novice dancer from the professional. This workshop will help you connect the step between the end of a count set and the next, or the change in between phrases in music for the non counters. Through a series of basic combinations we will apply the “And” and transform the combinations into one seamless piece, using different techniques to dance on the “And”. Help 8 and 1 connect in your next masterpiece and forever be bonded! Handout will be provided.

Oooey Gooey Goodness…Melt into your Movements:
This workshop is all about yummy movement! We are going to lower our center of gravity and milk our movements into delectable, undeniably juicy combinations. That‘s right! Learn how to make your audience salivate at your next performance by melting into your movements and serving up some goodness! Handout will be provided.  

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